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Data mining demonstrates outcomes in blended schools in California

Keeping Pace 2011 included this statement: “[w]e need to better understand under the conditions in which online learning works. When we hear the term “research,” however, we think of multi-year studies, with large numbers of randomly selected students using specific content or technology that is being tested. The students are then assessed and results compared […]

What does a blended classroom look like?

What does a blended classroom look like? There is no simple answer to that question, because there are so many flavors of blended learning, so many ways that technology can be deployed, and so many ways that classrooms using blended learning can be configured. In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard two accounts of […]

It’s a school, not a “model”

This is a final thought triggered by the Dell Foundation’s Blended Learning Report, although it applies to many reports, presentations, and discussions about blended learning. The word “model” is commonly used when the idea being presented is more appropriate to apply to a school, not to a model. An example is this sentence from the […]

Additional key findings from the Dell Blended Learning Report

The Dell Blended Learning Report that I discussed previously contains some very useful insights around the question “To what extent is each of the blended learning models being implemented as intended?” These findings include the following: The implementations evolved during the research period, making summative evaluation difficult. This is a similar finding to the SRI […]

Dell Foundation Blended Learning Report adds to existing knowledge, but doesn’t demonstrate improved outcomes

A recent “Blended Learning Report” commissioned by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and written by SRI, adds to the growing body of knowledge about blended learning implementations. It is valuable, as the field benefits from additional investigations and examples, especially in exploring and describing ways to improve blended learning implementations. It does not, however, […]

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