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What does a blended classroom look like?

What does a blended classroom look like? There is no simple answer to that question, because there are so many flavors of blended learning, so many ways that technology can be deployed, and so many ways that classrooms using blended learning can be configured. In the last couple of weeks I’ve heard two accounts of […]

CLRN eLearning Census: District Reflections on Digital Learning Implementations

Among the most notable information within CLRN’s California 2014 eLearning Census, which we discussed late last week, is the section titled “What Districts & Charters Would Do Differently.” CLRN asked respondents what they would change in their program implementation given what they know now, without providing any multiple-choice options for responses. All answers were entirely respondent-generated. […]

SRI Khan Academy study provides important implementation examples

As discussed previously (post one and post two), the SRI study of Khan Academy implementation in schools did not result in a simple answer to the question “does it work?” But the report does provide valuable insights into how several school sites were implemented, and some of their lessons learned during the two year study. […]

Khan Academy Study by SRI Reviews Implementation and Not Outcomes

This is post two of four about the SRI study about Khan Academy; post one can be found here. We are often asked: do online and blended learning work? As we have explained several times (e.g. in Keeping Pace 2011, pp 40-49), the question is more difficult than it might appear for at least two […]

Khan Academy and Implications of Teacher Control

This is post one of four about the recent SRI Study about Khan Academy; post two can be found here. Among the challenges in implementing blended learning into existing schools is that, in most cases, teachers view their classrooms as their domain. Keeping Pace research suggests that successful blended learning implementations are almost always at […]

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