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Efficacy, data, and whether or not to take your vitamins

A recent blog post explored how Pearson is moving toward using efficacy as a key measure of its products, and a key element in company performance as it considers acquisitions. In that blog post I was supportive of the ideas behind using efficacy in this way. But it is important to note that figuring out […]

“More research needed” as an excuse for inaction (Post 2)

Prior to working in education—and overlapping with my work in education—I’ve also been involved in science and environmental issues for many years, in both paid and volunteer roles. Anyone with a history of looking at the political battles over acid rain, ozone, and more recently climate change can tell you that the leading rallying cry […]

How good is education research? (Post 1 of 2)

An article in the November 2010 Atlantic (yes I’m a bit behind on my reading), titled Lies, Damn Lies, and Medical Science, got my attention and made me wonder if there are corollaries to education research. First, the article background: it details work by a meta-researcher, John Ioannidis, who has shown that a distressingly high […]

Part 2: We must define and measure online learning

Part 1 of Andy Frost’s post on whether online learning is disrupting education can be found here Definition and measurement are critical (and they’re HARD) As a first-time sponsor of the Keeping Pace report, I was surprised by how much of our time we spent defining things. What’s blended learning? What’s online learning? What qualifies as a […]

How can states assure quality in online and blended courses?

As several states are moving towards making available additional online courses, particularly through a variety of providers at the single course level (as opposed to full-time online schools, or a single state virtual school providing the bulk of supplemental courses), there has been discussion of how to ensure quality. The concept of ensuring quality makes […]

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