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Time to retire the phrase “guide on the side”

If you attend any blended learning conferences or read any digital learning materials you’ve probably come across a version of the phrase suggesting that the teacher’s role in blended learning changes from “sage on the stage to guide on the side.” This expression came up in an informative panel discussion that I joined in New […]

SRI Khan Academy study: “the teacher’s role is still central”

Previous blog posts (post one, post two, and post three) have discussed the recently released SRI study of Khan Academy. Here we conclude with a final post that summarizes the findings of the report, because it is well worth repeating verbatim: Our learnings in this study made it clear that the teacher’s role is still […]

Khan Academy and Implications of Teacher Control

This is post one of four about the recent SRI Study about Khan Academy; post two can be found here. Among the challenges in implementing blended learning into existing schools is that, in most cases, teachers view their classrooms as their domain. Keeping Pace research suggests that successful blended learning implementations are almost always at […]

The real student:teacher ratio

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Sal Khan makes a compelling point in some of his presentations: that the measurement of student:teacher ratio should be reconsidered as the number of students that a teacher is effectively instructing at a time, instead of being based merely on the number of students in the classroom. […]

Data Analysts: One More Job Task for Teachers?

Teachers are asked to play so many roles: educators, counselors, leaders, and organizers. . . is it too much to ask that they also become data analysts? A new report from the Data Quality Campaign, Teacher Data Literacy: It’s About Time, argues that state policies have not gone far enough to promote data literacy among […]

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